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2017 Eligible Coaches

New for 2017, all coaches (managers and assistants) must be screened through Verified Volunteers.  If you are assigned to be a manager of a team, BYB will contact you about getting verified prior to the tryouts.  If you intend to be an assistant coach, you must contact your BYB League Commissioner to set up the screening process.  

The cost is $15 per volunteer.  No exceptions will be made.  Only verified coaches may participate in practice, games, and team-related activities.  The list below are those who are eligible to coach at BYB.

NOTE:  Any coach who is coaching, assisting, or participating in team functions without proper verification will be suspended indefinitely from BYB-related activities pending a hearing at the next board meeting.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to permanenty remove any person who does not comply with the mandatory background check requirement.

2017 Eligible Coaches 
Aarvig, David
Aguirre, Oscar
Albano, Michael
Andres, James
Andres, Patrick
Bartz, John
Benney, Carrie
Benney, Timothy
Blankenship, Jake
Blume, Kristena
Bragg, William
Bucci, John
Guciferro, Guy
Chavira, Roy
Chavira, Shannon
Collazo, Fabian
Courier, Christopher
Crawford, Jeremy
Crawford, Kevin
Dal Santo, John
Daugherty, Michael
Davis, Joseph
Delmore, Anthony
Denhof, Jeff
Dobbs, Scot
Dobbs, Shana
Engler, Jeramy
Engler, Royce
Felgenhauer, Darin
Fish, John
Frazier, Eric
Gallagly, Patrick
Gallagly, William
Gardner, Amy
Gaytan, Leo
Guerrero, David
Hackworth, Dale
Haney, Byrene
Herrejon, Robert
Hieb, Timothy
Hill, Jeffrey
Hoffman, Ryan
Howe, Thomas
Johnson, Charles
Kamholtz, Kevin
Keil, Nicholas
Koeller, Robert
Kossman, Alan
Laga, Shane
Larson, Robert
Lawson, William
Lee, Melissa
Lott, Larry
Martinez, Arturo
Mathews, Derek
Mattson, Casey
Mattson, Justin
McElroy, Vernon
Mehlig, Frank
Mirshak, David
Morris, Kristi
Morris, Michael
Mulhall, Timothy
Mundy, Joe
Mundy, John
Nash, Jennifer
Nelson, Meridith
O'Donnell, Michael
Pereira, David
Perez, Andrew
Perez, David
Peto, Richard
Phillips, Vanessa
Phillips, William
Pierce, Curt
Reagan, Mike
Reiss, Daniel
Reza, David
Rhode, Mark
Ritchie, Mark
Ross, John
Sagona, John
Sanchez, Carlos
Scarbrough, Paul
Schlichting, Jake
Schloskey, Jennifer
Schoon, Michael
Schwebke, Chad
Schwegler, Richard
Sisk, Darrin
Smith, Shane
Sosnowski, Joe
Staton, Danny
Steinborn, Brian
Swanson, Cindy
Telander, Andrew
Tillema, Mark
Tirado, Jenny
Tirado, Ramon
Toft, Dakota
Tully, Bryan
Vasquez, Nicholas
Walsh, Erin
Woodside, Tyler
White, Gertudes
White, Gordon
Wiedow, Matthew
Wilde, Brett
Wilde, Michael
Williamson, Scott
Zyer, Connie


BYB Volunteer Eligibility Guidelines