Best Fits for The Top 2023 MLB Free Agents

The Texas Rangers clinched the 2023 World Series Championship in a memorable final against. It’s time for teams to venture into the trade market, with various free agents projected to headline the period. Teams will be looking to bid strongly for favorite players like Shohei Ohtani.

The following article reviews some of the best free agents, looking at what makes them critical players in the market. Read through to see where your favorite stars might be signing.

1. Shohei Ohtani

First on the list is 29-year-old Shohei Ohtani, a certified MLB superstar. He is coming off one of the best years in his career, making him a valuable free agent this off-season. Here are his impressive 2023 MVP-caliber stats:

  • 41 (Home runs)
  • 74 (Walks)
  • 7 (Triples)
  • 286 (Total bases)
  • 160 (Strikeouts)

MLB analysts favor the Los Angeles Dodgers to sign the 29-year-old. His pitching playstyle can complement the team’s general gameplay. Additionally, the hitting position is up for grabs, a sector that Ohtani excels in.

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Teams giving the Dodgers competition in signing the 29-year-old are the Rangers, Seattle Mariners, and San Francisco Giants.

2. Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Yamamoto is a non-MLB player, attracting lots of teams in the USA. He performed well in the Japanese World Baseball Classic, recording impressive numbers, including an ERA of 1.16 and 171 innings.

These stats might not be that impressive to many. However, it’s worth noting that the 25-year-old played in a league with a lower homer rate. Therefore, his numbers are worth considering in the best league.

The Red Sox are favorites in signing the young Japanese star. Red Sox’s GM Craig Breslow requires Yamamoto’s service, especially in the hitters and pitchers position.

3. Aaron Nola

The playoffs were a rejuvenating time for Nola. This is after having an average season with the Philadelphia Phillies. However, his progressive improvement since 2021 is notable, making him a top target in free agency.

MLB analysts project Nola’s return to the Phillies, considering they have few skilled pitchers. The 30-year-old provides a great option as a 2-3 pitcher. Additionally, Philadelphia is prioritizing re-signing the star.

However, the Atlanta Braves are looking for starting pitchers, thus Nola becoming their primary target. Another interested team could be the Cubs, with their concluded season hurt by player injuries. Nola’s strong health and durability can offer a reliable solution for the team.

4. Cody Bellinger

Cody Bellinger had a successful year at the Cubs. He turned his season around and hopes to get a longer, better-paying deal. For instance, he recorded a good stat line coming to the end of the season, and here’s how he performed:

  • Home runs: 17
  • Steals: 17
  • RBI: 56

After Ohtani, the 28-year-old is arguably the hitter in free agency. Therefore, his value cannot be undermined. The Yankees can provide pay for his value, considering the positional need and requirement for a good swinger.

The 2019 NL MVP offers the perfect option in the field as a left-handed hitter, while he can also be the face of the Franchise off the field. Therefore, it’s up to the Yankees to complete the deal early before other teams swoop in.

5. Julio Urias

Like most players, it was a low start of the season for Urias, but he turned his gameplay around in the end. Despite his struggles and sandals, teams might pursue him aggressively. This is considering he’s only 27 years old and proving to be an excellent MLB superstar.

For instance, Urias is the youngest pitcher in free agency. Additionally, 2021 and 2022 were vital to his career, making him one of the league’s best.

His curveball pitching skill provides an excellent option for teams lacking game-winning players. However, we might also see the star joining non-US leagues.

6. Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman might not be the best player, but he gives many teams a reliable rotational option. This is considering the insufficiency of super-talented stars in the market.

The 30-year-old specializes in midfield hits, thus providing an option for the Milwaukee Brewers. The team’s strong defense could also use more help to compete against top MLB offenses.

The only issue is money. Milwaukee might not be willing to splash on Chapman, especially for his fastball struggles. This is the same with other teams like the Cubs, who are willing to bet more on better offensive players.


The availability of a few superstars in free agency is a challenge for most MLB teams looking for talent. Nonetheless, the existing players are certified ballers, guaranteed to offer value for their best fit. Only time will tell how free agency progresses.

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