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Ice Cream Social - June 7, 2020

BYB’s annual Ice Cream Social is on Sunday, June 7, 2020 at the Belvidere Youth Baseball Complex.  This is the organization’s major fund raiser.  All-Star games will be played, and food will be served all day.  Please contact Melanie Smith at 815-405-4522 if you would like to help with this event. 

Tickets and Admission:
Tickets for admission, ice cream, and pie are $3 each, and can be purchased at the gate at the event.  Tickets can also be purchased in advance from the concession buildings or online, and are only $2 in advance.

Admission to this event is $2/$3 per person - everyone who enters will need a ticket to get in. Admission (ticket price) of $2/$3 will include pie and ice cream.  If you buy online, please bring your receipt to the event to redeem for tickets.

This event subsidizes capital projects, facility improvements, equipment upgrades, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About the ICS:

How does a player get selected for an all-star game?  
Players are selected via a voting process by coaches in their repsective leagues.  Rosters will be posted online prior to the ICS.  All second year baseball players will be placed in one of the games (either 1st team or 2nd team all-star games).

What does this event fundraise for?  
This event raises money for the organization to help with capital projects, facility improvements, organizational improvements, and much more.  Examples of the updates and upgrades of 2018-2019 are:
  • New Restroom Facilities
  • Renovation of Infield on John Ross Field
  • New Scheduling Software (Tourney Machine)
  • Renovations to Concession Buildings (interior and exterior)
  • Addition of fifth field at complex
  • Upgrades to technology/website

Why did Belvidere Youth Baseball start charging $2/$3 for admission starting in 2018?  
This event has failed to raise the appropriate funds in past years due to rising costs of food, tables, chairs, delivery, and other expenses that go into this event.  The purpose of this event is to raise money while also providing a positive, fun, family atmosphere for the BYB membership to enjoy.  Many tournaments, events, and even regular weeknight leagues charge $1 to $20 for admission for a day or a weekend.  We never charge a daily or nightly admission at BYB, so we feel a $2/$3 ticket charge that includes pie and ice cream is very fair, especially given the excellent cause that is supports.

Ice Cream Social - June 7, 2020


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