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Important Information

All coaches (managers and assistants) must be screened through Verified Volunteers.  If you are assigned to be a manager of a team, BYB will contact you about getting verified prior to the tryouts.  If you intend to be an assistant coach, you must contact your BYB League Commissioner to set up the screening process.  

The cost is $15 per volunteer.  No exceptions will be made.  Only verified coaches may participate in practice, games, and team-related activities.
Umpires Evaluation:
Coaches should be regularly evaluating umpires with both positive remarks and opportunities for umpires to improve.  These evaluations are one of a few tools used in order to choose umpires for tournament and post-season play.  Your voice does matter!  Remember to evaluate objectively in both wins and losses, and critiques and compliments.

Pitch Count Sheet:
Must be maintained and turned in to Concession Stand #2 after each game - two signatures are required - one from each team.

Game Results Form:
Must be turned in at Concession Stand #2 by the home team after each game.  Both managers are required to sign this form.

Accident & Injury Report:
This form is to be used to report accidents or injuries that occur during team events such as practice, clinics, camps, or games that are sanctioned by BYB.  The completed form gets turned into the League Commissioner within 24 hours of the incident.

Concussion Protocol:
Umpires have the jurisdiction to remove a player whom they feel may have suffered a concussion.  This player cannot return without written release from a medical doctor.  The coach and umpire should both file injury reports (coach to league commissioner, umpire to umpire coordinator) in this event.  To learn more about concussions, please go here:



Manager's Application
Umpire Evaluation


Coaches Code of Conduct - BYB
Coaches Code of Conduct - Storm Chasers
Pitch Count Sheet
Coaches Job Description
Games Results Form
Accident & Injury Report
BYB Certificate of Insurance
BYB Background Check Criteria