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2020 BYB Picture Day

Belvidere Youth Baseball
Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time. Each player will need to hold onto his/her own picture order form.
Any questions or concerns, please contact PMI Photography at or 847-526-3003.
You may pre-pay online by visiting our website at and enter the picture day code which may be found on your picture order form.
Picture Time Team Name Division
7:30 AM Yard Goats 6U Coach Pitch
7:40 AM Dash 6U Coach Pitch
7:50 AM Blue Claws 6U Coach Pitch
8:00 AM Lake Monsters 6U Coach Pitch
8:10 AM Emeralds 6U Coach Pitch
8:20 AM Grasshoppers 6U Coach Pitch
8:30 AM Bulls 6U Coach Pitch
8:40 AM Bees 6U Coach Pitch
8:50 AM Bats 6U Coach Pitch
9:00 AM Fireflies 6U Coach Pitch
9:05 AM Chihuahuas 6U Coach Pitch
9:10 AM Timber Rattlers 6U Coach Pitch
9:20 AM Blue Jays 8U Softball
9:30 AM Marlins 8U Softball
9:40 AM Rays 8U Softball
9:50 AM Cardinals 10U Softball
10:00 AM Pirates 10U Softball
10:10 AM Rockies 10U Softball
10:20 AM Royals 12U Softball
10:30 AM Reds 12U Softball
10:40 AM Tigers 14U Softball
10:50 AM Athletics 14U Softball
11:00 AM Marlins 8U Baseball
11:10 AM Athletics 8U Baseball
11:20 AM Brewers 8U Baseball
11:30 AM Cardinals 8U Baseball
11:40 AM Cubs 8U Baseball
11:50 AM White Sox 8U Baseball
12:00 PM Red Sox 8U Baseball
12:10 PM Dodgers 10U Baseball
12:20 PM Pirates 10U Baseball
12:30 PM Athletics 10U Baseball
12:40 PM Astros 10U Baseball
12:50 PM Rockies 10U Baseball
1:00 PM Yankees 10U Baseball
1:10 PM Mariners 10U Baseball
1:20 PM Nationals 10U Baseball
1:30 PM Mets 12U Baseball
1:40 PM White Sox 12U Baseball
1:50 PM Red Sox 12U Baseball
2:00 PM Cardinals 12U Baseball
2:10 PM Rays 12U Baseball
2:20 PM Giants 12U Baseball
2:30 PM Dodgers 12U Baseball
2:40 PM Angels 14U Baseball
2:50 PM Brewers 14U Baseball
3:00 PM Braves 14U Baseball
3:10 PM Astros 14U Baseball
3:20 PM 12U SC FTT
3:30 PM 13U SC FTT