Best Online Baseball YouTube Channels That Will Help You Get Better At the Sport

Baseball is one of the widely played sports in the US. According to the stats, Major League Baseball generates an average of more than $300 million per team (30 teams in the league), making it one of the most successful sports in the world.

But not everyone is cut out to be an excellent baseball player, let alone a prodigy. However, that doesn’t mean you should not be trying to excel at sports, especially if you’re interested. Even though field play is important, there are times when you just need to sit and listen.

Whether it is listening to your coach or a YouTube tutorial. Yes, you read that right! Many times, you can learn a lot by listening to what a person says/ speaks on his YouTube channel than actually listening to your coach.

That’s why we’re bringing in an amazing list of YouTube channels that you can check out and learn baseball while munching on a protein-filled diet. Before we go ahead, make sure you have steady and cap-free internet so that you can stream without any hassle.

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Ultimate Baseball Training

Coach Justin will surely be on your timeline if you’re looking up baseball tutorials online. With more than 300k subscribers, the channel is filled with a massive catalog with detailed instructional videos on nearly all aspects of baseball.

Yes, all aspects! From pitching to throwing to fielding to hitting, you get a 5-10 minutes video on every element that will help you virtually train yourself. Moreover, these aren’t just boring tutorials covering textbook materials.

Coach Justin ensures that there’s plenty of information that can be implemented practically by the viewers easily. So, the next time you’re stuck with something you can’t figure out, and your coach isn’t available, then tune in to the Ultimate Baseball Training channel and you’ll hopefully get an answer.


We’re always told ‘find your inner mojo’ whenever we’re stuck at some point, unable to move forward. Well, the YouTube baseball channel Yougotmojo will help you find that without any hassle.

Also the mobile app MOJO, a youth sports training app, this channel not only features baseball training videos but covers a wide range of other sports as well. You’ll find training videos on football, soccer, basketball, and other major sports on this channel.

In addition, you’ll find it quite helpful if you’re looking to improve your teamwork since most of the videos feature full team practices. But don’t fret it also includes individual training practices that you can view and learn from.

Moreover, these are short-form videos that won’t bore you like a lecture. Plus, you’ll find the innovative way of teaching appealing and fun. Oh, and did we mention that you can stream these in HD or more quality? Well, that’s fantastic because you already have good internet from our recommendation so why not stream these in the best view?

Antonelli Baseball

If you’re into baseball, then you might’ve heard of Matt Antonelli. Matt was a professional MLB player until a recurring wrist injury forced him to retire. However, that wasn’t enough to stop Matt from teaching others how to ace baseball.

Well, with his YouTube channel, Matt teaches baseball to more than 175K subscribers. Not enough? He gets an average of 30 million views, which is why it’s important to keep his channel on your watch list if you want to learn from someone professional.

From teaching baseball tips and tricks to young players to offering insights into advanced mechanics and training, Matt truly engages with his audience. The channel is also a great place to start for those that are beginning sports at a young age.

Little League

The world’s largest youth sports program brings you its YouTube channel that will help improve yourself in baseball. Little League is amazing for its baseball training videos because it divides these into primary categories including defensive, pitching, and tee ball drills.

In addition, you have a huge catalog of amazingly curated and crafted short videos on each element similar to MOJO. What’s more Baseball Factory preparing pitching and defense drill videos that will surely help you get the best idea of how to get things done.

You’ll also find videos of players from previous Little League Classic games that will make learning fun and appealing. In other words, the channel is surely one of the many options you can rely on for viewing baseball training videos on YouTube.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! With these baseball YouTube channels, you’re now equipped with some of the best information sources for acing your game. Again, you must practice what you learn and ensure that you’re running the technique the right way!

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