Breaking Down the LSU 2014 Baseball Roster: Meet the Players Who Led the Tigers to Victory

**Short answer LSU 2014 baseball roster:** The 2014 Louisiana State University (LSU) baseball team featured notable players such as Alex Bregman, Andrew Stevenson, and Aaron Nola on their roster. They finished the season with a record of 46-16 overall and 17-11 in conference play.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the LSU 2014 Baseball Roster

Are you a die-hard LSU baseball fan? Do you want to know everything about the players on this year’s roster? Well, look no further because we have put together an in-depth guide breaking down each position and player.


Let’s start with the starting pitchers. We have Aaron Nola who was selected seventh overall by the Philadelphia Phillies in this year’s MLB draft. With his lightning-fast fastball and devastating curveball, he is without question our ace pitcher. Next up we have junior Kyle Bouman who had nine starts last season posting a 5-2 record with a respectable ERA of 3.16; keep an eye out for him as he is poised for another strong season.


Moving onto our bullpen, closer Joe Broussard – let me tell you right now – do not mess with this guy when there are runners on base! He has that perfect combination of speed, accuracy and movement to leave batters baffled at any point during the game. Then we’ve got Brady Domangue who finished last season with an impressive ERA of 1.21 across seventeen appearances, making him one of LSU’s most reliable middle innings guys.


Tyler Moore will fill in behind home plate for the Tigers again after finishing last season extremely well both defensively and offensively speaking; having hit over .300 (.359), while only committing three errors throughout nearly thirty games played.


The infield sports some new faces but don’t fret just yet fellow fans—they’re all pretty impressive!!! First Base see first baseman Connor Hale whose aggressive play style quickly made him many fans’ favourite player—he is unarguably powerful hitter so be prepared for fireworks from his side…at third base?! Well I suppose it makes sense since he led the team with sixteen stolen bases which show finesse too! Freshmen Alex Bregman might not seem intimidating standing at only 175cm and weighing less than ninety kilos, but looks can be deceiving – his quick thinking as well as expertly placed hits will make up for any areas in which he might not match the physical presence of other team members.

Second Base is an area where we have a whole lot of depth with both Jared Foster and Conner Hale—the latter playing at first base while Foster slotted into second when Andrew Stevenson played left field during last year’s campaign.

Finally Shortstop—LSU has two stellar performers here!!! Alex Bregman could easily make this spot home but either way things go freshman pitcher-outfielder Mark Laird has enough talent to ensure LSU fans are never disappointed!


And now let’s talk about our outfield who overall promise to improve their team’s stats after a somewhat shaky end to last season: The real standout player among them definitely goes to senior Andrew Stevenson! Incredibly agile yet relaxed on-field plus swift booming swings…? How does he get it all done so masterfully???

Ultimately there’s no doubt that this new bunch of players is just as amazing if not better than the great roster comprised of former top-notch athletes; whilst lacking some experience they possess oodles more potential & energy- making them very much worth following throughout the entirety of LSU Baseball 2014!

LSU 2014 Baseball Roster FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

As the start of another college baseball season draws near, it’s time for fans to familiarize themselves with their favorite teams’ rosters. This year, we’re turning our attention to the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers and breaking down everything you need to know about their 2014 squad.

Who are the key players?

One player who cannot be ignored on this roster is Aaron Nola. The highly-touted right-hander has shown his potential in previous seasons and is expected to take his game up a notch this year. Following closely behind Nola are first baseman Mason Katz and catcher Ty Ross.

Are there any new faces on this team?

Yes, Coach Paul Mainieri has added some talented freshmen into the mix for 2014. Someof which include left-handed pitcher Jared Poché and centre fielder Andrew Stevenson. These young guns will bring plenty of energy as they seek to make an impact early on in their college careers.

What can be expected from LSU’s pitching staff?

Aside from superstar Aaron Nola, LSU boasts some other impressive arms within its ranks. Cody Glenn demonstrate his talent last innings he pitched; fellow southpaw Kyle Bouman–who plays at low speeds but high accuracy–is looking for improvement after a rough finish in the postseason last year; Kurt McCune also returns after struggling with injuries . All three pitchers have already proven they can compete with top-level offenses when things flow nicely , giving hope that LSU could boast one of the strongest pitching rotations in all of collegiate baseball during this upcoming season.

How does infield look like?

The infield looks solid once again this year, led by senior Mason Katz over at first base.It’s important not to forget Alex Bregman either – only entering second season ever with Tigers but was outstanding freshman shortstop last year yet push him towards third base because JaCoby Jones reportedly shifted away toward outfield .

Any challenges or concerns facing LSU going into this season?

Among LSU’s most significant concerns is the issue of consistency. It’s clear that when things go right, this team can beat anyone in collegiate baseball. However, they seemed to struggle with putting together well-rounded games throughout last year from start till end.The pitching staff was especially susceptible to fall off against stronger teams and will need focus on maintaining steadiness throughout the season if they want a shot at contending for a national championship.

What are the prospects like for LSU Baseball in 2014?

LSU has always been one of college baseball’s big hitters and doesn’t plan on relenting anytime soon.This squad definitely holds enough talent to compete with almost any other Division I program out there .’Fighting Tigers’ may not be ones to watch early on but once hitting their stride, could truly dominate each game eventually leading them toward success towards College World Series.Additionally, it will be exciting watching new recruits develop newer skills , which provides further hope for successful seasons within near future.

In conclusion, don’t sleep on Louisiana State University’s baseball team; with plenty of talent-filled veterans and promising newcomers set one mark this year as theirs,you better keep those eyes peeled closely upon how LSU performs night-after-night.ONCE AGAIN GEAUX TIGERS!

Top 5 Interesting Facts About the LSU 2014 Baseball Roster

As we gear up for another exciting season of college baseball, it’s only natural that fans are getting curious about the rosters of their favorite teams. And if you’re a fan of Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers, you won’t be disappointed.

From some amazing stats and historical records to quirky facts and fun anecdotes, there are plenty of reasons why the 2014 LSU Baseball roster is fascinating. So without further ado, here’s our list of top five interesting facts about the LSU 2014 Baseball Roster:

1. A Perfect Game:
One single day in March 2012 was truly historic for American sports as well as gracing the pages on MLB news history forever – It witnessed one player achieved something remarkable- pitcher Aaron Nola threw a perfect game! That’s right. The sophomore from Baton Rouge picked every batter he faced sending nine straight men back to their dugout in defeat without letting them get past first base throughout the entire game against Southeastern Louisianan with an impressive showing that signaled his talent even when he was years away from becoming a first-round draft pick.

2. A Solid Player Core
The team had several key players who went on to play at professional levels over coming years including Alex Bregman and Andrew Stevenson just among many others which highlight how strong and talented this team really was overall.

3. Dominating Regular Season:
Incredibly enough LSU managed an astounding record during regular games featuring conference wins against Vanderbilt ranked number two at that time plus #11 South Carolina securing its footing into postseason ranking by being unbeatable almost every week except minutes hiccups along the way which did not manage negatively impact overall gameplay due given caliber shown earlier matches were too good avoid taking full notice been deservedly awarded No#8 seed NCAA tournament selection

4 . Historical Winning Records
Though known more nowadays for football excellence especially under coach Ed Orgeron they have always cultivated thriving athletic programs throughout every sport, especially Baseball as LSU numbers zero fewer than six championships brought back home by Tigers in Cliff Godwin led era spanning the 90s and early aughties stretching into present great coaching background allowing such consistent level performances from this team over these past decades

5. Elite Prospects
A prominent attraction for recruiters around America was not just Aaron Nola showing up at Les Miles’ Baton Rouge Football camp in high school that caught attention of a bench full scouts ,tthis fertile program produced many top college prospects who went on to enjoy impressive careers at professional levels bringing immense pride to LSU University

In conclusion, there are so many reasons why we love College baseball, but looking through their history books and reflecting upon modern day triumphs ensures that the passion will never dilute. With an exciting crop of future all stars waiting in the pipeline fans are likely to be rewarded with more memories that they’ll cherish always about illustrious teams like LSU’s squad during recent times if only performace can maintain momentum into next season continuing strong traditions previosly established within Louisiana State sporting folklore!

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