4 Easy Ways to Cancel The Athletic Subscription: Step-by-step guide 

The Athletic is a premier platform for sports enthusiasts, offering in-depth coverage of a plethora of games. From baseball and football to soccer and hockey, The Athletic provides its subscribers with a rich tapestry of articles, reviews, and insights. With both national and local writers on board, the platform ensures diverse viewpoints and comprehensive coverage.

Benefits of Subscribing to The Athletic

1. In-Depth Analysis and Story-Telling

Enjoy reviews from top-tier writers like Ken Rosenthal for baseball, Shams Charania for basketball, Jay Glazer for football, and many more.
Dive deep into league analyses, player profiles, and game strategies.

2. Interactive Sessions with Writers

Engage in live Q&A sessions with your favorite writers.
Get insights, discuss game strategies, and delve deeper into the world of sports.

3. Ad-Free Experience

Relish an uninterrupted reading experience without the hassle of pop-up ads.

Pricing Structure: How Much Does It Cost

The Athletic offers flexible payment plans for its subscribers:
Monthly Subscription: Priced at $9.99/month.
Yearly Subscription: A cost-effective plan at just $4.00/month when billed annually.

Additionally, The Athletic provides a week-long free trial, allowing potential subscribers to explore its features before making a commitment. However, the company offers 30 days the Athletic free trial to enjoy 1 month free subscription.

How to Cancel Your Athletic Subscription

1. Direct Cancellation via Website

  • Navigate to theathletic.com/settings.
  • Access the ‘Your Account’ section.
  • Locate and select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option, typically found under ‘Subscription’.
  • Complete the cancellation process.

2. Cancellation for iOS In-App Purchases

  • Open The Athletic app settings.
  • Select ‘Manage Account’ followed by ‘Manage Subscription’.
  • Choose ‘The Athletic Subscription’ and proceed to cancel.

3. Cancellation for Android In-App Purchases

  • Launch the Google Play app.
  • Access the ‘Subscription’ menu.
  • Select ‘The Athletic’ and opt to cancel.

 4. Email Cancellation

  • Send a cancellation request to [support@theathletic.com](mailto:support@theathletic.com).
  • Ensure you provide all necessary details for easy identification.

5. Using DoNotPay for Cancellation

  • Access the ‘Hidden Money’ option on DoNotPay.
  • Input ‘The Athletic’ as the service to cancel.
  • Confirm the cancellation.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

While The Athletic allows for subscription cancellations at any time, they do not offer refunds. Subscribers can, however, continue to access premium services until the end of their billing cycle.

Evaluating the Worth of The Athletic Subscription

For avid sports fans, The Athletic offers unparalleled value. However, it’s essential to ensure that your favorite teams and leagues are covered to maximize the subscription’s benefits.

Additional Perks: Student Discounts and Gifting Options

Student Discount: The Athletic offers a special rate of $29.99/year for students. Ensure you register with a valid university email to avail of this discount.
Gifting a Subscription: Share the joy of sports journalism by gifting a subscription. Choose from 3-month, 1-year, or 2-year plans for your loved ones.


In essence, while The Athletic offers a rich sports journalism experience, it’s essential to evaluate its offerings against your preferences. Should you choose to cancel, multiple avenues are available for a hassle-free process. For any further queries or feedback, feel free to engage in the comments section.

Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to The Athletic subscription:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is The Athletic?

The Athletic is a premium sports platform that offers in-depth coverage, analyses, and reviews of various sports, including baseball, football, soccer, and hockey, among others.

2. How much does a subscription to The Athletic cost?

The Athletic offers two main subscription plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: $9.99/month
  • Yearly Subscription: $4.00/month (billed annually)

3. Can I try The Athletic before committing to a subscription?

Yes, The Athletic provides a week-long free trial for potential subscribers to explore its features.

4. How do I cancel my subscription to The Athletic?

You can cancel your subscription through various methods, including directly via the website, through iOS or Android in-app purchases, via email, or using the DoNotPay service.

5. Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

No, The Athletic does not offer refunds upon cancellation. However, you can continue to access premium services until the end of your current billing cycle.

6. Does The Athletic offer any discounts for students?

Yes, students can avail of a special discounted rate of $29.99/year by registering with a valid university email.

7. Can I gift a subscription to someone?

Absolutely! You can gift 3-month, 1-year, or 2-year subscription plans to sports enthusiasts in your life.

8. Are there any ads on The Athletic platform?

No, one of the perks of The Athletic subscription is an ad-free reading experience.

9. Can I interact with the writers on The Athletic?

Yes, premium users can engage in live Q&A sessions with their favorite writers on the platform.

10. How do I ensure that my favorite teams or leagues are covered by The Athletic?

Before subscribing, it’s recommended to explore The Athletic’s coverage and ensure that your preferred teams and leagues are included in their content.

These FAQs provide a quick overview and address common queries related to The Athletic subscription. If you have more questions, feel free to ask!

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