Exploring the Home of the Shockers: A Look at Wichita State’s Baseball Field

Short answer Wichita State baseball field: Eck Stadium is the home of the Wichita State Shockers college baseball team. The stadium, located on the WSU campus, features a seating capacity of 7,851 and opened in 1985. It has been named one of the top college baseball facilities in the country.

Step By Step Guide to Touring the Impressive Wichita State Baseball Field

As a sports enthusiast, there is nothing quite like the feeling of watching your favorite team battle it out on home turf. Wichita State Baseball Field provides an exceptional experience for all baseball fans who want to enjoy high-quality games in a state-of-the-art stadium.

With 7,851 seats and several amenities designed for convenience, comfort, and entertainment, this venue has everything you need to make your visit memorable. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the best ways to tour the impressive Wichita State Baseball Field:

Step One: Planning Your Visit
To have an unforgettable time at Wichita State Baseball Field, it’s crucial that you plan ahead. Check their official website or social media pages for information about upcoming games and events hosted in the field so you don’t miss out on anything important.

Consider purchasing tickets online before arriving at the stadium since they often sell out quickly during peak times. Some sections or rows may also be restricted due to COVID-19 protocols. As such having pre-booked ticket helps avoid last-minute disappointments

Step Two: Pre-game Tailgating
No trip to a baseball game is complete without indulging in some tailgating fun! At Wichita State Baseball Field parking lot spaces are available where friends and family can gather together whilst enjoying refreshments from local food vendors followed by music acts giving attendees head-bobbing joyous moments before starting off with cheering for their fave teams onsite.

Just remember not to bring any glass containers as they are prohibited inside the premises.

Step Three: Exploring The Stadium Amenities
Once inside Wichitan State Baseball field take time exploring its offerings including visiting its gift shop which sells exclusive custom equipment such as jerseys caps etc., merchandises that uniquely promotes only WSU Team Mascot “The Shockers”.

Should hunger set in? Not sure what typical American ballpark cuisine consist of ? No problem ; savoring popcorns hot dogs cotton candies, and Cold drinks or even beer from their available concession stands will definitely quench your cravings.

Step Four: Watching the Game
As you get settled in for the game itself, sit back, relax and take in all the excitement as players of both teams play baseball on a professional field. A hot summer evening makes it even more pleasant especially when cool wind breezes blows.

Gaze around your surroundings to witness wide ranging architecture features embeded within this beautiful sports venue such as Private suits which are well equipped with lounges located behind home plate seats that include upscale catering options making watching any Baseball much more luxurious experience than just sitting on ordinary stadium bleachers.

Final Step : Post-Game Celebrations
If Wichita State wins then there is nothing better than sticking around post-game to celbrate amongst WSU fans at Rhatigan Student Centre (RSC) where after-parties often ensue. Joining gives an opportunity to interact with other supporters reviewing highlights of games and sharing that common love giving attendeeat moments similar to those experienced whilst being at a small town’s fairgrounds – these are cherished times!


Visiting Wichitan state baseball Field not only offers thrilling moments but also connects people through sport legends passing memories down generations. Should one ever visit Witchita city? Then make sure watching live game emanates from Wichian state Baseball Stadium makes into their itinerary–no disappointment assured !

Frequently Asked Questions About the Iconic Wichita State Baseball Field Answered

If you are a baseball lover or have recently moved to Wichita, Kansas, chances are that you might have heard about the iconic Wichita State Baseball Field. Situated on the campus of Wichita State University, this stadium holds a special place in the hearts of every sports enthusiast and has been home to some dynamic games over the years.

Given all its history and significance, there can be some frequent questions that people tend to ask about it. So we have compiled an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the legendary Wichita State Baseball field so that everyone can learn more deeply about its glory.

1. What is The History Behind The Wichita State Baseball Field?

The Wichitan baseball team used various fields before building their own baseball venue from 1978–79 seasons as “Eck Stadium,” which was named after donor family members and pioneer coaches Joe Salazar’s land along with WSU’s athletic department funding support for construction purposes.

2.What Is Unique About This Stadium Compared To Other College Baseball Fields?

One district feature of Eck stadium includes organ-shaped outfield walls standing at 16 feet high sloping down like that of stringed instruments such as guitars- complete with brass sections up top resembling piano keys!

3.How Many Spectators Capacity Does This Stadium Have?

Suncrust Park holds only 7,851 seated capacity total including clubhouses boxes accommodating suites plus standing room areas for fans’ comfortability.

4.Who Are Some Famous Players Who Were Athletes Here At Eck Stadium?

Several legendary players began their baseball careers here by appearing in prominent leagues around during varied circumstances:

Casey Gillaspie had played Home Run Derby twice during minor league career

Brian Flynn became pitcher for Miami Marlins left-hand thrower thanks fueled season record-breaking stats as Shockers ace hogging attention scouts who noticed pitching performance what time he stepped onto field

Addison Reed racked up many saves along with other teams while showcasing solid pitching talent.

5.What Is The Future Plans For This Stadium?

Although there are currently no plans for major expansions or renovations, Wichita State University has invested in basic upgrades such as high-definition video boards and upgraded seating arrangements. This indicates that they aim to continue developing this iconic and historic ballpark rather than expanding through another stadium project-which could jeopardize Eck’s classic style of design remanence over time which is its core attraction factor.

In conclusion, the Wichita State Baseball Field – also known as Eck Stadium – provides a unique baseball experience with all its history and uniqueness. Being named after Joe Hall `Rob`buck eck (WSU’s athletic director) this field holds sentimental value to both local residents in addition worldwide visitors thanks global recognition from hosting vast tournaments together with every year when students that flock around visiting campus during university tour seasons when admiring most picturesque college campuses nationwide!

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About the World-Class Wichita State Baseball Field

The Wichita State baseball field is a world-class facility that has gained a reputation for being one of the best in the country. This impressive ballpark has played host to some of the greatest games in college baseball history and has seen some incredible moments throughout its existence.

Here are five fascinating facts about this renowned baseball park:

1) Built from scratch

Unlike many other modern sports facilities, Wichita State’s Eck Stadium was built completely from scratch. It took nearly two years to complete the construction process before it opened its doors on April 17th, 1985. The stadium’s state-of-the-art design features seating for almost 8,000 fans through bench seating, grandstands and special VIP accommodations areas across multiple decks with excellent sight lines.

2) Aces’ names littered all around

Wichita State University is home to one of the most storied college baseball programs in history – which can be aptly evidenced by having their decorated pitcher/players have sections named after them inside this magnificent park: Mike Pelfrey (2004), Darren Dreifort (1993), Pat Meares (1989) & Joe Carter highlight a few who’ve been immortalized within such displays at Eck Stadium!

3) Home-run heaven feat AstroTurf technology for improved performance

Eck Stadium boasts artificial turf crafted by the pioneers of synthetic playing fields- Astroturf! What does that mean? Well unlike traditional grass fields – there’s no need to mow or maintain such surfaces; thus freeing up more time&effort previously allocated towards upkeep- while also offering better traction/control during wet conditions for athletes . Given these advantages plus shorter fences than typical dimensions found nationwide ,left-handed batters and power hitters in particular get some serious boosts, leading to higher scoring games and an exciting crowd!

4) Site of Champion Teams & International Competitions

Eck is a place that has seen some legendary moments on the field; hosting the NCAA regionals (1990-2007&2013), Missouri Valley Conference tournament championships (1985-2006&2009-current day) among others. The most recent event that has taken place here was when Wichita State played host to Team USA Baseball’s Collegiate National Team for a five-game series which occurred during their summer tour in 2018..talk about going global sef!

5) A Tribute To An Iconic Coach: Gene Stephenson.

Perhaps one of the most poignant facts connecting Eck Stadium with baseball lore, it’s important we remind ourselves this great facility was constructed under supervision of Hall-of-famer coach Gene Stephenson who coached WSU’s baseball team from 1978 to 2013. His now-defunct bronze statue stands perched at southeast corner , quietly watching over each game as he did throughout his illustrious career. It serves as fitting reminder for those visiting or fans supporting home team alike how much he meant to program both before its construction & since his passing on June16th2021 .

In conclusion, Eck stadium continues serving not only as a premier sports venue but also as tribute legacy builders ranging from renowned players plying their trade there-, international entities organizing various events/showcases attracting audiences countrywide/internationally plus memorialization/connecting newer generations passionate about baseball through works/greats who’ve left indelible marks on modern competitive sport

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