Home Run Haven: Exploring Creighton University’s Impressive Baseball Field

Short answer creighton university baseball field:

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Creighton University’s TD Ameritrade Park is the home of Bluejays baseball. Opened in 2011 as part of the College World Series renovation project, this state-of-the-art stadium features seating for over 24,000 fans and has hosted several NCAA Baseball Regionals and Super Regionals.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Visiting and Enjoying Creighton University Baseball Field

Creighton University Baseball Field, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is a gem of a stadium that any baseball fan would love to visit. The field is home to the Creighton Bluejays baseball team and has been refurbished over the years for maximum comfort and enjoyment. From its picturesque view of Downtown Omaha skyline to its outstanding amenities, it’s no wonder why this ballpark has become one of the most popular spots for both locals and visitors alike. In this guide, we’ll take you through step-by-step on how best to enjoy visiting Creighton University Baseball Field.

1) Get there early

Baseball games are notorious for starting on time so plan accordingly by getting there early enough before the scheduled game start time. Being earlier than anticipated usually ensures you get a better seat as well as avoid traffic build-up or parking problems! It’s also an excellent opportunity to explore around and absorb all that makes attending at this iconic stadium special.

2) Take in the amazing views

If you’re looking for something spectacular with your game viewing experience, then look no further than Creighton Baseball Field – not just because it’s studded right adjacent downtown Omaha with picturesque cityscape-but also because it’s situated next door Henry Doorly Zoo Sunken Garden which adds natural beauty too otherwise being surrounded by concrete; [A perfect relaxation point].

3) Buy tickets online ahead

One way of avoiding massive lines when buying entrance tickets is simply booking them online beforehand from their official website or legitimate ticketing web platforms like StubHub etc., as majority avoid crowds during peak hours allowing plenty of time saved up without extra hassle later on!

4) Stay hydrated & stocked up with snacks

Watching baseball can last anywhere between 3-5 hours – prepare ahead!–continuously quench thirst especially sitting out under direct sunlight scorch: Some essentials include water bottles/plastic tumblers/pre-prepared smoothies/drinks/snacks/candies/treats/energy bars, etc.

5) Appreciate the ballpark’s history

Creighton’s Baseball Field has a rich historical background that dates back to 1971. Its longtime standing as one of Nebraska’s most spectacular ballparks is nothing short of legendary as it gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about Creighton University and Omaha’s architecture, engineering marvels and boosting tourism.

6) Enjoy local food & beverages

If there were ever two words to be associated with visiting baseball games in America – they’d be “Hot Dogs” and “Beer.” And when it comes to attending any sports event at Creighton Field, you’re spoiled for choices within distance: The stadium offers wide-ranging concessions for all kinds of taste buds, not forgetting beer varieties plus soft drinks!

7) Soak up the game-day atmosphere

Whether it being cheering on the Bluejays or just enjoying some fun moments outdoors with family friends and colleagues amid exuberant shouting/shuffling down nearby shops-be sure immerse fully into what makes this university park truly unique! Strike up conversations with fellow fans and share laughs- who knows whose lives we get lucky enough touch through such simple interactions?


Creighton University Baseball Field is a true iconic diamond-of-a-ballpark that cannot go unexplored. With its vast capacity level layout design featuring seating structures designed encompassing utmost comfort amidst best amenities readily available; Exploring Creighton field can turn out quite close equivalent ways doing tourist exploration best scenic sites anywhere within greater region-Downtown Omaha! Make your visit worth taking note of by following our guide step-by-step — arriving earlier helps avoid crowds/best seat possible-scoping majestic views offered simply sitting next door Henry Doorly Zoo Sunken Garden appreciating playing fields’ rich lore– indulging tasty refreshments sold throughout area surrounding stands so overall capturing perfect sporty atmosphere along way keeps alive amazing experiences like no other grow older wiser cherish forevermore!

Discovering the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Creighton University Baseball Field

As a Creighton University baseball fan, you may have asked yourself many questions about the sport and their home field. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered some answers to frequently asked questions about Creighton University’s Baseball Field. Let’s discover these answers together!

1. Where is Creighton University Baseball Field Located?

Creighton University’s Baseball field is located just east of downtown Omaha at the intersection of 20th and California Street.

2. When was the Creighton University Baseball Field constructed?

The original stadium was built in 1978 with updates being made over time including the lighting system, playing surface and seats since then.

3. What kind of Surface does this Field have?

Lawn Solutions LLC installed the turf system “Trueturf XP” Bay Area Synthetic Turf Softball System from AstroTurf® on an improved gravel drainage layer that replaced its previous natural grass surface for minimal weather-related cancellations in October 2016.

4.How big is The Facility?

Creighton’s Jim Hendry Stadium features seating room for up to 2,100 fans across premium chairbacks, sidelines bleachers & berm seasting along fences + decks above left-field wall aside clubhouse facilities beyond first-base dugout — also including air-conditioned indoor hitting “cages” down right-side corner next to Yurisich Family Indoor Practice Center with infield area drill strip within field itself suitable both team-defensive warmups before games or individual sessions throughout year without risking injuries caused by bad weather outdoors (which can still occur!).

5.What are some notable events held at creighton university baseball fields?

CU hosted NCAA Division I College World Series play-in game as well US Olympics Team-selection trials played here plus numerous regional+conference tournament matches each season—all leading up toward postseason when teams compete head-to-head trying advance further into college world series competition groupings among elite ranks America’s top baseball programs.

6.Why should you visit this baseball field?

This ballpark has many features that make it a must-see for any baseball fan. In addition to being the home of the Bluejays, who have had much success at Jim Hendry Stadium over its history, there are great views and amenities throughout the facility. Whether you’re sitting in one of their premium chairback seats or nestled on the berm along a first-base fence line – enjoy distinctive Creighton blue & white landscaping too while observing some fantastic college sports action.

In conclusion, this article helped us discover the answers to frequently asked questions about Creighton University Baseball Field! From learning about where it is located and when it was constructed to notable events held here as well as key features that characterize this stadium, we hope these insights will help you better appreciate all this amazing ballpark has to offer. It’s time to experience outstanding collegiate athletics up close and personal by visiting Jim Hendry Stadium soonest possible —and now YOU know truly what they can expect once arriving (Hint: lots of winning!).

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About Creighton University Baseball Field You Might Not Know

Creighton University’s baseball field is a renowned venue, etching its mark among sports enthusiasts and locals alike. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, the blue corner of the Creighton campus with Jumbotron screen and Bermuda grass is home to Bluejays’ thrilling games. Established in 1949, this iconic sports spot has preserved many secrets that few know about.

So here are some fascinating facts about Creighton University Baseball Field you might not know:

1. The ‘Ryan Express’ started his Hall-of-Fame journey at CU

The legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan’s career began on a diamond located just miles from downtown Omaha. As per sources,’The Ryan Express’, who holds MLB records for strikeouts (5,714) and no-hitters (seven), revealed that he once defeated Wayne State College throwing a five-inning no-hitter while pitching for Creighton on April 20th, 1966; almost two months before signing his first professional contact with New York Mets.

2. Home ballpark makes way for community service & charity events

Irrespective of their record or results achieved during playtime or tournament season activities, organizing charities remains high-priority work at the facility management team.The Diamond Dreams Facility built as an extension aims at serving various causes such as youth clinics to raise funds through auctions for natural calamity victims etc.. It also operates year-round indoor practice sessions due to which there arose situations when doctors used facilities to treat patients along stadium seats.This legacy will remain attached to Alma Mater Forever!

3. Paid tribute by retiring number ‘31’

Jeremiah Steinert was called “a young man everyone would want” after he succumbed peacefully battling brain cancer on November 23rd2019.That season-playing jersey number #31was retired immediately post his departure.While players donned custom Tees or stickers indicating ‘Fight Like Jeremiah’,it served as funeral coverage too.Jeremiah wore Bluejay uniform since childhood,and captain of the team for Sophomore and Junior year seasons consecutively. Indeed he was an exemplary human being with qualities like hard-work, dedication, passion ,compassion.

4. Played During Omaha’s Historic 1898 Wealth Fair

Most CU baseball fans are unaware that Bluejay’s current arena has been around since before their families were born! At least the grounds have- albeit in a different capacity… The entire Creighton sports complex comprising multiple fields (including baseball) served as exhibition sites during the October-November ‘Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition’ held all over Omaha. One can only imagine how crazy it would be to see people coming from far off settlements atop horsedrawn carriages!

5. Scouted by Former President Obama

Even ex-POTUS Barack Obama came scouting for Creighton Baseball while on his presidential campaign trail back in Feburary 2008.At such events, public figures also take some extra time to engage with those present at site so they can function as support systems outside politics too!Unfortunately however Mr.President could not remain long after signing autographs clicked pics et al.We may never know if this tour helped CU athletics budgets or student fundraising activities directly but we are grateful towards our honored guest visiting us here nonetheless.

There you go, five fascinating facts about Creighton University’s beloved Baseball Field that will surely surprise you! From Hall-of-Famers starting their journey here to Presidents passing through – who knew? Be it pitching no-hitters or hosting community initiatives, histories like these showcase yet another facet of sports; one beyond glamourous fame!– It provides a platform for engaging social welfare causes using universities’ vast infrastructural base.

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