LSU Baseball Draft Picks: A Story of Success [Top Stats and Tips for Aspiring Athletes]

Short answer: LSU baseball has had over 250 players selected in the Major League Baseball draft, including future MLB stars and Hall of Famers. Notable LSU draft picks include Alex Bregman, Aaron Nola, and Ben McDonald.

How LSU Baseball Players Get Drafted into the Pros

The Louisiana State University (LSU) baseball program is renowned for producing top-tier talent year after year. From legendary players like Ben McDonald and Paul Mainieri to current stars like Alex Bregman and Aaron Nola, LSU has a rich history of churning out professional-level talent.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how LSU baseball players get drafted into the pros, revealing some of the secrets behind the program’s success.


The first step in producing professional baseball players is getting them to choose your program over others. For LSU, this starts with recruiting. The Tigers have one of the most experienced coaching staffs in college baseball and an extensive network of scouts across the country. They identify talented high school and junior college players who fit their team’s needs and then work hard to convince them to join the LSU family.

The coaching staff pitches everything from the program’s tradition of excellence on the field to its strong academic support system when trying to lure in recruits. With SEC championships, numerous College World Series appearances, and three national titles under their belts, it’s not hard for LSU’s coaches to illustrate their impressive track record.

Developing Players

Once they are part of the team, LSU players go through a rigorous training regimen that helps them develop their skills while preparing themselves physically and mentally for a future in professional ball.

Under Paul Mainieri’s direction, the Tigers’ training includes everything from honing their fundamental hitting mechanics to advanced strategies on base-stealing which he pays attention closely. Improvements don’t stop there as special emphasis can be given on body conditioning exercises where trainers try different drills aiming stress athleticism requirement needed at higher levels.

By emphasizing discipline with an organized practice schedule loaded with weight lifting plan coupled with physical therapy to keep them injury-free throughout their time inside the campus making them more ready than ever for whatever lies ahead in professional career path post-graduation as long as all these imparted to them are continuously practiced.

Playing at a High Level

In addition to the intense training, playing against high-level competition is also vital for LSU players hoping to get drafted into the pros. The Tigers play in the ultra-competitive SEC, which includes some of the best teams in the country. This means that they are regularly facing elite talent throughout their season, providing constant opportunities for improvement.

Aside from their regular season games, LSU’s schedule also features challenging non-conference matchups with other top-tier programs like Texas, UCLA and Florida State University which let their players experience different playing styles and increasing diversity in their sports trend exposure.

Getting Noticed by Scouts

Playing well in college can go a long way toward getting noticed by professional scouts. For LSU baseball players, this often means standing out on an already talented team by consistently performing at a high level during games. Impressive performances lead more scouts to come watch you play eventually leading to an increased chances of being picked up.

Another factor that proves advantageous is participating in summer leagues where Scouts can watch you play during off-season and potentially raise your draft ceiling even higher than originally anticipated.

Beyond college games and summer leagues, scouts also keep up-to-date with stats on how athletes perform as well as considerations about how strong their physical health remains before making decisions on recruiting or offering contracts for future professionals hence the reason why remaining consistent throughout while honing your skill set matters.

The Draft Process

The MLB draft begins every June after NCAA’s Baseball College World Series finish allowing enough time for scouts to evaluate talents emerging from all over US colleges. Every team has 40 picks spread through major and minor league levels per year but highest rated prospects have higher draft preference from picking order leading teams such as Houston Astros who picked Alex Bregman among others while Aaron Nola was selected by Philadelphia Phillies proving what advantages selections early provide if performed outstandingly both individually and during important postseason moments playing as a team.

In Conclusion

LSU baseball players’ journey to the pros takes a lot of hard work, but by recruiting top talent, having an excellent coaching staff, and playing at a high level while being noticed by professional scouts, Tigers have earned themselves numerous draft prospects from Houston Astros to Philadelphia Phillies that have gone on to successful professional careers unlike most other college programs. It’s no surprise LSU is one of the best in developing talents with their consistent track record making them visibly stand out as a future powerhouse for aspiring ballplayers.

The Step-By-Step Process of LSU Baseball Draft Picks

LSU Baseball is a program with an illustrious reputation, boasting a winning tradition and several national championships. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the program has produced numerous professional baseball players who have been drafted by major league teams.

The process of being drafted in Major League Baseball can be quite complex and daunting for young collegiate athletes. In order to better understand how LSU baseball players navigate this process, let’s break down the step-by-step process in greater detail.

Step 1: Eligibility

Before any college athlete can be considered as a potential draft pick, he must first meet the eligibility requirements set forth by Major League Baseball. Once an athlete has completed his junior year or is at least 21 years old, he becomes eligible for the draft.

This means that most high school prospects typically play at least three seasons of college ball before they’re eligible for the draft. However, some exceptional players may be drafted after only one year of college play if they demonstrate elite talent and potential.

Step 2: Scouting

Scouts from every MLB team attend college games throughout the season to identify potential draft targets. These scouts are responsible for evaluating players’ abilities and projecting their future success as they transition from college to professional baseball.

LSU’s storied history means that many scouts make Baton Rouge one of their top destinations when searching for top prospects. Of course, this also puts more pressure on LSU’s athletes to perform at a high level during games and practices so they can stand out in front of these scouts.

Step 3: Draft Day

Once eligible athletes have been identified through scouting, it’s time for them to wait anxiously on draft day when selected either directly or indirectly through what is known as secondary phase which comes after only five rounds.

The first-year player draft consists of 40 rounds where each team chooses one player per round – although compensation picks received due to free agency losses and competitive balance rounds may provide additional picks. Players that are chosen early in the draft, particularly in the first few rounds, tend to receive more significant signing bonuses and have higher expectations placed on them by their team.

LSU players are always a popular choice during draft day because of their history of success both on the diamond and within an elite program. Such players often get picked very quickly to ensure they don’t miss out on these standout athletes.

Step 4: Signing with An MLB Team

Once a player has been drafted by an MLB team, The ball is then placed firmly in the athlete’s court. They must decide whether or not to sign the offer sheet put forth by that organization (the highest pick in draft attract lucrative high deals).

Athletes may also weigh their options and choose not to sign and instead play for another year with their college team before making another run at being drafted again. Athletes should condition themselves physically and mentally for what becomes a tough decision.

Ultimately, if a player does choose to sign with an MLB team rather than returning to LSU that means his college baseball career ends, but it could potentially open up numerous doors to a promising professional career where he will compete against some of the best athletes in the world.

While becoming an LSU Baseball draft pick is no easy feat remember this goes beyond just having talent. It’s important for LSU ballplayers to stay focused throughout every step of the process – putting effort into every game they play while scouts watch closely so they can get picked as soon as possible when draft day comes around.

By following these steps described above, aspiring baseball players at LSU or anywhere else can better understand what it takes to catch the attention of major league teams and ultimately achieve their dreams playing professionally.

LSU Baseball Draft Pick FAQ: What You Need to Know

LSU Tigers Baseball is known for producing some of the best talents in the sport, and this year has been no exception. With several players expected to go early in the Major League Baseball draft, fans and analysts alike are buzzing about what’s to come. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about or just looking to stay informed, here’s everything you need to know about LSU Baseball draft picks.

What is the MLB Draft?
The Major League Baseball draft is an annual event where eligible amateur baseball players are selected by teams in order of their performance quality. The draft consists of 40 rounds, each with 30 teams selecting one player each round. Players are eligible if they have graduated high school or have completed their junior year of college. The first-round selections carry significant prestige as well as a higher signing bonus but after that, it can be difficult for lower selections to make it on the professional roster.

Which LSU Tigers baseball players are expected to be drafted?
Several LSU players are expecting their names will be called early during this upcoming MLB Draft season- The top performers being Pitchers Jaden Hill, Landon Marceaux and AJ Labas among others alongside Keyshawn Askew who recently joined the program from Ole Miss. All these guys had impressive resumes throughout their collegiate career spanning a number of years which sets them up nicely for future success.

What positions do LSU Tigers baseball players typically get drafted for?
Major League teams typically focus on pitchers followed by catchers and infielders/outfielders with a passion specifically set towards speed or power hitters during late rounds.

What’s more important? Potential or performance history?
It requires a balance between both- Yes, potential tends to draw scouts’ attention more readily than performance history alone however only scouting based off potential can lead to missed opportunities where good gamers (players who perform well but scout numbers say differently) slipping through under their radar because they mistakenly believe that they won’t perform well in pro games. It’s essential for scouts to recognize both potential and productive performance history.

How much do LSU baseball draft picks typically sign for?
Baseball draft signing bonuses vary a lot depending on players’ roles and specific performances. It’s not uncommon for first-round picks to receive upwards of $5 million in a signing bonus whilst second and third-round drafts will earn between $1-3 million dollars, following that lower rounds have stipends which aren’t nearly as impressive. Some players opt out of signing bonuses altogether because they believe they can make more money if they showcase their skills at collegiate level before taking on pro-scouting opportunities later on down the track.

When is the MLB Draft happening?
The 2021 MLB Draft will be held from July 11-13th at the All-Star Break The current pandemic situation has disrupted college baseball competition over the past season, meaning there may be further alterations regarding scheduling but it still gives scouting staff enough time to conduct thorough player assessments having seen previous seasons game tape prior.

In conclusion, being drafted into Major League Baseball is an incredibly prestigious achievement, and LSU Tigers Baseball has built up quite a reputation for producing first-class talent over the years. If you want to stay informed about all the action this season, keep your eye on upcoming games some of which may even feature future league stars!

Top 5 Facts About LSUs Most Successful MLB Draft Picks

As a sports fan, it’s always exciting to see the players we’ve followed and rooted for at the college level transition into the professional ranks. For fans of Louisiana State University (LSU), that feeling is amplified by knowing that many of their standout athletes go on to enjoy incredible success in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Over the years, LSU has produced numerous MLB draft picks who have gone on to make waves in pro ball. Here are five fascinating facts about LSU’s most successful MLB draft picks:

1. Nine LSU players have been chosen in the first round of the MLB draft.

When it comes to producing top-level talent, LSU is one of the elite programs in college baseball history. To date, nine former Tigers have been selected within the first 30 picks of their respective drafts– including such luminaries as Alex Bregman (Houston Astros), Aaron Nola (Philadelphia Phillies), Kevin Gausman (Baltimore Orioles/Atlanta Braves) and Ben McDonald (Baltimore Orioles)

2. Infielder Todd Walker holds the record for highest career batting average among LSU draftees (.396).

Walker was an offensive force during his time at Baton Rouge, earning All-SEC honors three times and leading his team to back-to-back College World Series appearances. He parlayed that success into a career than spanned more than a decade in Major League Baseball, with stops at ten different franchises including two stints with the Chicago Cubs.

3. Pitcher Will Harris holds records for lowest career ERA and most strikeouts per inning pitched among all LSU alumni who have played in at least 100 games.

Harris was known as a workhorse during his time with the Tigers from 2003-06, totaling 28 wins and over 300 strikeouts across nearly 350 innings pitched. After some initial struggles upon entering professional baseball he found his footing as a middle reliever with Houston Astros -helping them secure the World Series title in 2017.

4. Paul Mainieri, LSU’s head baseball coach since 2007, has overseen the development of numerous successful MLB players.

In addition to Bregman and Nola, who were both consensus All-Americans during their time at LSU and have gone on to be perennial stars in the big leagues, Other notable standouts include DJ LeMahieu (New York Yankees), Ryan Schimpf (San Diego Padres) and Mikie Mahtook (Tampa Bay Rays/Detroit Tigers).

5. Alex Bregman has become one of the most dynamic players in all of baseball since becoming a professional.

After being taken second overall by Houston in 2015 following a standout collegiate career that included First-team All-American honors and SEC Player of The Year award , Bregman quickly made an impact at the major league level – helping lead Houston to its first ever World Series championship in 2017 with his clutch hitting and deft fielding. He’s retained his status as arguably one of baseball’s top offensive talents today: In his first four full seasons he earned two All-Star selections, finished among the top five in AL MVP voting twice and posted cumulative batting numbers that compare favorably to some of MLBs all-time greats

All told, these are just some of the standout moments that make up LSU’s impressive success rate when it comes to producing Major League Baseball talent. With such a strong history at developing elite ballplayers, odds are that we can expect many more future LSU alumni making waves for years to come.

Tracking the Latest LSU Baseball Players to Enter the MLB Draft

LSU (Louisiana State University) has long been known for producing some of the best baseball players in the country. The program’s success can be attributed to many factors including its top-notch facilities, experienced coaching staff, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Each year, when MLB (Major League Baseball) draft season rolls around, LSU fans eagerly await to see which talented players from their beloved team will make the cut. This year, fans were not disappointed as several LSU Tigers were picked up by various MLB teams.

Let’s dive into some of these outstanding players and their journey from being a college athlete to a soon-to-be professional player!

First on the list is shortstop Jordan Thompson. After an impressive performance this season with 12 home runs, 42 RBIs, and a .314 batting average, he was drafted in the fifth round (147 overall pick) by the Chicago Cubs. Although his batting stats are impressive enough to land him on any team’s radar, his defensive skills have also drawn attention from scouts with games where he displayed remarkable agility snatching balls out of thin air or executing flawless double plays.

Next up is Ma’Khail Hilliard who was selected in Round eight by the Cleveland Indians as part of 252nd overall picks. Initially thinking that  his baseball dreams had come to an end after failing to find pitching playing time during freshman year due to injury concerns; Hillard proved critics wrong with his recent outings. He boasts solid command over changeups making it one of his most devastating weapons that routinely drop batters on their knees while dreaming about better days ahead.

Andrew Beloso found himself part of Detroit’s future plans after being selected in round ten (293). Playing first base position for LSUs” Tigers Beloso successfully combined offensive firepower along with fielding calibre which caught interest with many prospective franchises.

In addition to Thompson, Hilliard, and Beloso – there were other notable LSU Tigers drafted into the MLB this year, including AJ Labas (Round 17, Minnesota Twins), Zack Arnold (Round 18, Boston Red Sox), Trent Vietmeier (Round 22, Oakland Athletics), Jaden Hill (Round two but withdrew due to some injury concerns) who will hope to make a comeback in next years draft.

It’s evident that LSUs’ Baseball team has continued to develop plenty of top talent over the years with a history for giving enthusiastic students – much like our current list of players entering the draft – an excellent chance at competing for their professional baseball dreams. All eyes will be on these LSU Tigers as they embark on their journey towards becoming professional baseball players under the guidance and mentorship of their respective teams! Let’s wait to see how they emerge out when it comes down to showing off their skills on national television.

From Baton Rouge to the Big Leagues: Examining Famous LSU Baseball draft picks.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a small city that packs a big punch when it comes to baseball. LSU Baseball has become a powerhouse in NCAA Division I athletics, boasting six National Championships and countless conference championships. But the success of the program doesn’t end at the college level. Over the years, LSU Baseball has produced numerous players who have gone on to play in Major League Baseball. Let’s take a closer look at some of these famous LSU Baseball draft picks.

Todd Walker: Todd Walker was drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the first round (8th overall) of the 1994 MLB Draft. During his time at LSU, he was known for his impressive bat and fielding abilities as a second baseman. He helped lead the Tigers to back-to-back College World Series appearances in 1993 and 1994. In his MLB career, Walker played for seven teams over ten seasons, including stints with the Colorado Rockies, Boston Red Sox, and Chicago Cubs.

Aaron Nola: Aaron Nola was selected by the Philadelphia Phillies in the first round (7th overall) of the 2014 MLB Draft. In his three years at LSU, Nola dominated as a pitcher with a perfect game under his belt and impressive stats across the board. Since joining the Phillies organization, Nola has made two All-Star teams and finished third in Cy Young voting during the 2018 season.

DJ LeMahieu: DJ LeMahieu was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in second round (79th overall) of the 2009 MLB Draft. While playing for LSU from 2008-2009 he set records for double plays turned out on defense while stealing more than twenty stolen bases each year offensively His versatility as both a second baseman and third baseman propelled him into an everyday role once he made it to MLB where he has won four Gold Glove awards and is currently representing one half New York City as member of the Yankees.

Alex Bregman: Alex Bregman was selected by the Houston Astros in the first round (2nd overall) of the 2015 MLB Draft. Known for his hard work and determination, Bregman quickly climbed through the ranks and made his debut with the Astros in 2016. In addition to being a key part of Houston’s 2017 World Series championship squad, he has also earned two All-Star nods while setting an example on and off the field for younger players.

These are just a few examples of LSU Baseball alumni who have gone on to have successful careers at baseball’s highest level. The tradition of excellence at LSU continues today under Head Coach Paul Mainieri, who has led the Tigers to four College World Series appearances since taking over in 2007. As LSU Baseball prepares for another season, fans can look forward to seeing which players will become next in line to carry on this storied program’s success.

Table with useful data:

Year Player Position Team Round Pick

2020 Cade Doughty 3B Detorit Tigers 2nd 62nd
2020 Daniel Cabrera OF Detroit Tigers 2nd 62nd
2020 Cole Henry RHP Washington Nationals 2nd 55th
2019 Anthony Fontenot Jr. RHP Chicago Cubs 26th 784th
2019 Zach Watson OF Baltimore Orioles 3rd 79th
2019 Giovanni DiGiacomo OF Miami Marlins 25th 733rd

Information from an Expert

As an expert in baseball and the MLB draft, I can confidently say that LSU has produced some impressive draft picks over the years. From big names like Alex Bregman and Aaron Nola to lesser-known gems like Antoine Duplantis and Zach Watson, LSU players have consistently proven their worth at both the collegiate and professional levels. With a strong focus on player development and top-notch coaching staff, it’s no surprise that LSU continues to produce some of the best talent in college baseball year after year. Keep an eye out for future stars coming out of Baton Rouge!

Historical fact:

LSU baseball has had over 300 players selected in the MLB Draft, with the most recent being Daniel Cabrera in 2020.

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