Swinging for Success: Inside Johnson County CC Baseball

Johnson County CC Baseball Step by Step: A Journey to Success

As a fan of sports, and baseball specifically, there is nothing quite like watching a team come together and achieve success on the field. There are few things more satisfying than watching the journey of that team unfold before your very eyes. And that’s exactly what happened with Johnson County CC Baseball.

The story of Johnson County CC Baseball began in 1969, when its first team took to the field. Since then, it has been an incredible journey marked by determination, perseverance, and ultimately triumph. The reigning National Champions in NJCAA Division II have worked hard year after year to establish themselves as one of the premier programs in college baseball.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how this program emerged from humble beginnings to become one of the most respected teams on college diamonds today.

Step One: The Early Years

In those early years, winning was scarce for the Cavaliers. However, even during challenging times they still managed to leave their mark making it clear they were here to compete. During this period JCCC found some hidden talent including MLB great Mike Duvall who brought these players up on his back improving not just himself but enhancing others around him through example and leadership using his work ethic which clearly rub off throughout time being displayed prominently among former majors league players such as Blake Treinen currently playing for LA Dodgers while building camaraderie amongst teammates..

During this phase each player had much potential leading them into experimenting different tactics joining forces with renowned coach Kent Shelley who eventually led JCCC towards conference championships paving way for growth within athletes fostering pride alongside community represented across greater Kansas City metro area bringing along new followers witnesses thereof fueling expectations resulting later in accomplished results seen today ..

Step Two: Building Momentum

Thanks to Shelley’s influential culture carrying over into future Cavalier teams that played under subsequent coaches Kyle Crookes , Jess Holliday , Darren Burroughs-Trotter ; They would meet top competition against other colleges across region testing and mixing various approaches until discovering the best integrations imposing will upon their opponents out on field.

Within these years we could see a group of players who would eventually be known as “the guys” – A solid core unit that seemed to click in all aspects leading them towards Division II World Series after winning the conference, Regionals , Super-Regionals tournaments consecutively which included carrying over this momentum to legendary run for National Championship resulting in unforgettable history making victories ending with celebratory victory parades back where Cavalier fans gathered proudly their support attended games throughout year acknowledging each player’s talent and contribution..

Step Three: Maintaining Excellence

Winning championships is not enough; sustaining results require continual improvement, investing significantly into latest innovations like HitTrax or Blast sensors used by professional teams. This allows players to gain further edges whilst pursuing unstoppable performances honing one’s skills moreover take advantage of advanced data analysis creating new strategies giving more depth exploration areas look increase output performance from both individual standpoints as well full team ones .

Maintain excellence requires perseverance along with dedication day in day out starting from practicing throws fields home plate ultimately setting up driving force behind whole program emphasis being placed on community progress relying sincere hard work relentlessness founded rooted belief there always ways improve whether small steps taken huge strides forward climbed built…

In conclusion, what started as humble beginnings has turned Johnson County CC Baseball INTO a success story. The team’s journey has been marked by staggering growth, unwavering determination and commitment towards reaching higher heights paving the way for others follow similar footsteps after them selflessly leaving their own legacy inspiring generations beyond graduation achieving greater scoreboards triumphs….

Johnson County CC Baseball FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before You Join the Team!

Are you a high school baseball player in Johnson County, Kansas looking to continue your athletic career at the next level? Look no further than joining the Johnson County Community College (JCCC) baseball team! But before you commit, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about JCCC baseball:

1. Who can try out for the JCCC baseball team?

Any eligible student-athlete who meets National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) academic requirements and is enrolled full-time at JCCC can tryout for the team. High school seniors or graduates are also welcome to try out.

2. When does the season start and how long is it?

The regular season typically starts in February and runs through April/May with postseason play in May/June.

3. What kind of conference does JCCC baseball play in?

JCCC competes in Division I of the highly competitive Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference.

4. Do players receive athletic scholarships?

Yes, but they must meet NJCAA eligibility rules for scholarship athletes based on academic performance and attendance.

5. Will there be opportunities to transfer to four-year universities after playing at JCCC?

Absolutely! Many former Cavaliers have gone on to play NCAA Division I, II or III ball after completing their two years at JCCC.

6. What facilities does the team use during practices and games?

JCCC has impressive outdoor facilities including three fully-fenced fields featuring synthetic turf home plates, bullpens, batting cages and electronic scoreboards as well as an indoor facility with batting cages, bullpens and pitching machines.

7.What is expected from players both academically & behaviorally?

On-field success doesn’t just come down to natural ability – work ethic is essential too! Academically correct mindsets traits like being disciplined enough to put forth effort into class that gives holistic benefits; Maintaining good grades lead winners off field makes great role models.

Behavioural expectations include acting professionally at all times including during games and practices while treating teammates, coaches, opponents & umpires with respect.

As you can see, JCCC baseball offers a great opportunity for student-athletes looking to continue their athletic careers. With a supportive coaching staff and top-level facilities, this team promises an unforgettable college sports experience. So why not try out for the Cavaliers? The journey starts now!

Top 5 Facts about Johnson County CC Baseball that you Probably Didn’t Know

Johnson County Community College (JCCC) has a well-known and respected baseball program, with a long history of successful seasons. However, there is much more to JCCC baseball than meets the eye. Here are 5 facts about JCCC baseball that you probably didn’t know.

1. Multiple MLB Players have come from the Program:

On top of their impressive record on the field, JCCC Baseball can also boast that multiple players from their program have gone on to play Major League Baseball. Some of these names include current pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds – Sal Romano, as well as former Athletics pitcher Warren Brusstar and outfielder Pat Sheridan amongst many others .

2. They Have an Impressive National Record

JCCC’s baseball team has made nine trips to nationals in thirteen years under head coach Kent Shelley—who himself was honored by being named NCAA Division II Coach of the Decade (2000-2010). The school’s only national title came back in 1987 when they won it all in Grand Junction with then-coach Howard Edwards who went onto become longtime assistant head coach of Wichita State University .

3.Their Renowned Batting Cage Design

The college actually invested large sums into creating one-of-a-kind automated indoor batting cages which mimics different types pitches thrown by real pitchers . For hitters getting swings off without needing someone throwing balls or hitting machines…this proves invaluable during both pre-season practice regimens along season games too!

4.Lopsided Overall Winning Percentage against Opponents:

With a winning overall percentage over opponents at .702 winning clip …It’s hard to find another junior-college collegiate sports team within Kansas—let alone nationwide—that boasts such impressive accomplishments over time period.

5.A Fun Tradition That Anoints Their “Baseball Monster”

Every year prior opening night game season – coaches gather together naming themselves “Zookeepers” where they select one player anonymously —who could be any position shall be dubbed “The Baseball Monster” . The tradition dates back over 50 years and the former monsters still come to games and embrace their status within JCCC baseball folklore. In recent times those selected have been Griffin Everitt (2019), Ryan Fisher-Cassidy (2020) who have said describing their surprise selection “It’s a dream come true!”

In conclusion, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Johnson County Community College baseball team. From producing MLB players, impressive national records, unique batting cage technology investments , lopsided overall winning percentages against opponents even wacky traditions…this Kansas community college offers exciting collegiate sports experiences that are not easily forgotten once pursued while providing athletes all they need for prosperous futures beyond graduation as well.

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