The Rise of MLB Worldwide Popularity

You must be wondering if Major League Baseball is dying or what this game’s future is. Will the game survive the cutting-edge competition of its counterparts or fade away? Baseball games offer a top-rated experience, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to be physically fit and active. 

Baseball is played around the world. However, nothing can match its popularity in the United States. The game’s popularity makes it a perfect option for gambling, too. There are multiple sportsbooks offering free bets on Baseball or MLB to try your luck. Here, we’ll discuss the worldwide popularity of Major League Baseball and find out the game’s future. Let’s get into it. 

How Popular is Major League Baseball Around the World?

The declining popularity of MLB is hidden from none. Lack of attendance and poor World Series ratings have raised alarm among Baseball fans. So, what does it mean? Is the popularity of Baseball on the verge of dying? Or will some spark still left? 

Well documented, attendance at Major League Baseball games has declined since 2012. However, that doesn’t mean the game is dying. MLB cashes in on its sheer volume of games, thus outperforming the NFL and NBA in terms of ticket sales every year. 

To your surprise, MLB teams play at least 2,430 regular-season games, which is way more than only 256 games for the NFL and 1,230 for the NBA. 

Here’s a quick rundown of key factors that depict the MLB’s worldwide popularity. Without further ado, let’s get into it. 


  • In terms of attendance, the league is currently seeing the largest increase year-over-year. The 2023 ranking is the largest increase in paid attendance since 1998. 
  • If we consider regular season viewership and how advertisers measure value, Major League Baseball experiences 30% more by gross rating points than the NHL and NBA combined. Believe it or not, the statistics are pretty remarkable to some extent and indicate that the game is not dying at all. 
  • Another factor you cannot ignore about MLB is that the league audience is comprised of males aged 55 and older. It simply means that people continuously followed the game from a young age. According to one report, 70% of MLB fans have been watching the game since 17, showing their deep love and appreciation for it. 

Baseball is most popular in the US and other Central American countries. Below, we have arranged countries based on the game’s popularity. 


Regional Popularity

United States


Dominican Republic




Puerto Rico












South Korea




New Zealand




United Kingdom






Please note that regional popularity is the relative term and doesn’t represent an actual number of searches. 

Can You Bet on Major League Baseball Games?

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Now that you know about the MLB’s worldwide popularity, it’s time to know the strategies and options available to bet on these games. Betting on games is nothing new, and Baseball is no different. 

So, if you are all set to try your luck on Major League Baseball games, be sure to follow MLB odds and see what’s in store for your favorite teams. Remember that, unlike basketball and football, baseball is a moneyline sport where prop bets and run line bets are available. It means that betters must pick only who wins the game and not who covers. 

Here’s a quick rundown of key baseball betting tips. Let’s have a look. 


  • Avoid favorites

Yes, you read it right. If you genuinely want to earn more, never bet on your big favorites. When favorites win, your payout is small. But when they lose, you get crashed. So, it’s better to avoid them altogether. Whether they win or lose, you’ll end up laying a huge minus number. 


  • Go against the public

The second simplest method to earn big from your MLB bets is to bet against the public. You should go contrary because more often than not, the public loses. The average bets are based on their gut instinct and the public wants their favorites to win. So, it’s better to use your intelligence and bet against the public. 


  • Follow Reverse Line Movement

Last but not least, betters should make the most of reverse line movement. Remember that baseball isn’t just about taking plus-money dogs and blindly bet agains the public. You must use your instincts and be on the sharp side of every game. 

For this, you must follow the Reverse Line Movement, which is when the betting line moves opposite to the betting percentages. 

Summing Up

All in all, the trend of Baseball is here to stay for a long, so don’t worry about the stats as the game’s audience is still booming. That’s all about the MLB Worldwide popularity. For more such details, bookmark the page and visit us regularly. 

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