Analysing MLB Pitchers: Who has the best technique?

Anyone can throw a baseball, but it’s the pitching that wins championships. Playing baseball is incredibly fun and rewarding, but to master the game, you must perfect your throw. From the beginning of baseball history, this game has revolved around great starting pitchers. Spencer strider is widely regarded as one of the best in the game at the moment, his performances have resulted in the Atalanta Braves being the favorites in the World Series odds.

It’s always been a staple for success. To your surprise, more than 75 pitchers have been included in the MLB Hall of Fame, making it challenging to pick the best of the best. And how could we forget about the current hurlers who stack up well against the retired greats? So, without further ado, let’s analyze the best MLB Pitchers of all time and determine who has the best technique ever.

The 8 Best MLB Pitchers of All Time

When you consider the number of starting pitchers the game has seen, narrowing the list down to a Top 100 is strenuous. A Top 8 – you’ve got to be insane to try that!! Well, you can call us crazy or whatever, but we still have come up with the list of the 8 best MLB pitchers of all time.

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1. Walter Johnson

Let’s start with the best one – Walter Johnson. The player has spent his entire 21-year career with the Washington Senators and won 417 games. He had the maximum shutouts, 110, more than anyone else in the history of the game.

Walter led the league in wins and shutouts six times. He was the strikeout king of baseball size of times, and that’s why he deserves the first position on the list. Johnson was a part of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.

2. Greg Maddux

He is the most dominant starting pitcher the baseball has ever seen. He didn’t overpower hitters with a blazing fastball. Instead, he often used his pinpoint control and a wide assortment of pitches to hitters off-balance.

Greg is a four-time Cy Young Award Winner and averaged 17 wins a season from 1998 to 2006.

3. Zac Gallen

Although Gallen has recently stepped into the baseball arena and is less famous than other pitchers on the list, is anyone better than Gallen these days? Zac is an American professional baseball pitcher who plays for Arizona Diamondback of MLB. He has 708 strikeouts over his career, making him an ideal candidate to fit in the list.

4. Cy Young

Although he pitched in a different era, there are multiple reasons to include this Hall of the Fame contestant on the list. He has the most wins in MLB history with 511, a record that will never be threatened.

Cy Young led the league in wins for five times and also threw three no-hitters. He had always been the hardest-throwing pitcher in the game, but he often adjusted his velocity like a true legend.

5. Randy Johnson

Also known as the Big Unit, Randy Johnson was among the tallest pitchers in MLB history. He knew how to make the most of his size to dominate the opposing hitters. Randy’s career includes ten all-star selections. He retired from the game at 46, and his longevity was impressive and motivating for newcomers.

He managed to rack up 4,875 strikeouts, which ranks second on the all-time list. Randy is among the few pitchers to throw no-hitters in both leagues and win them.

6. Spencer Strider

Trust me, the S in his name stands for the “Strikeout”. This young player has 86 strikeouts in 51 ⅔ innings, and his K-rate is 41.6%. While no pitcher has ever reached 40% in a non-shortened season, Spencer does that without having a third pitch beyond his slider.

7. Roger Clemens

The next on the list is Roger Clemens. His 24-year baseball career was extraordinary. Roger is a seven-time Cy Young Award Winner. He was also a five-time strikeout king and seven-time ERA champion, making him one of the best pitchers the game has ever seen.

8. Bob Gibson

He was a former member of the Harlem Globetrotters and was counted among the most intimidating pitchers in the history of the game. He was fearless about brushing batters back off of the plate.

Bob Gibson owned the greatest single-season performance of any pitcher in history. His 17 strikeouts against the Detroit Tigers in 1968 will always remain his classic World Series record.

To Summarize

Baseball is an all-time favorite game that keeps players engaged and enthralled for a long. But what exactly takes the player forward in this game is their pitching or throw style. All in all, you must master the technique to dominate the opposition.

That’s all about the best MLB Pitchers of all time. We hope you have found the list interesting. For more such MLB news, bookmark the page and stay tuned.

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